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Abigail Brown: UK printmakers, UK pottery makers, Independent makers, Independent crafts, UK Makers

Abigail Brown

Who is Abigail Brown?


Abigail Brown is an artist from London who creates pieces inspired by the animal kingdom.


What do they make?


Abigail renders animal through paintings and drawing, and sculptures in paper mache, fabric, ceramic and wood. Abigail has created a menagerie of animal heads, from seals and capybaras to lesser-know animals such as the klipspringer and tamandua.


How much does it cost?


Abigail’s work varies in price depending on the material she has used. Her prints cost between £20-£45, and her animal heads range from £105-£210. For her ceramics you can pay up to £750.


Where can I find them?


Abigail is on Instagram at @abigailbrownart and you can buy her work on her website

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