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Natàlia Juan Abelló: UK printmakers, Independent makers, Independent crafts, UK Makers

Natàlia Juan Abelló

Who is Natàlia Juan Abelló?


Natàlia Juan Abelló is a Spanish-born, Saddleworth-based illustrator and pattern designer.


What do they make?


Natàlia makes illustrated paper goods aimed at kids, including animal baby milestone cards in English and Spanish. She sells cards, notebooks and prints featuring flowers and safari animals, and she also accepts commissions for custom pet portraits.


How much does it cost?


Cards from Natàlia cost between £2.45-£2.95, notebooks cost £3, her animal colouring book costs £6, her prints cost between £8.50-£19, and her milestone cards are £14.50. For a custom pet portrait, you will pay £55.


Where can I find them?


Natàlia is on Instagram at @nat.juan and you can view her work on her website

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