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Personalised gift finding service

Let me find your gift!

Want to buy someone a great independent gift, but just don't know where to look? Tell me about them below and I'll send you a personalised list of min. 3 items to choose from.

Make sure to include:

  • who the gift is for 

  • your budget

  • the sort of thing you want, e.g. jewellery, a print, pottery tableware

  • a little bit about them and what they like, e.g. do they prefer statement jewellery or more simple jewellery?

  • when you need the gift by

I may contact you to ask a few extra details so make sure to include your email or phone number!

Once I've had a look at your request, I'll send you an invoice for £5 for the service, and I aim to have your gift choices sent to you within 5 days.

Thanks for submitting!

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