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Amy Gemmell Design

Amy Gemmell Design

Who is Amy Gemmell Design?


Amy Gemmell is a printmaker from Glasgow.


What do they make?


Amy makes bright, geometric prints often with checkerboard patterns. She also has a zodiac collection available in A3-A5 sizes featuring multicoloured floral designs.


How much does it cost?


Individual prints cost between £2.50-£24 depending on size. Amy sells prints in packs of 3 and 4 for between £8-£35 depending on size, or you can buy the complete collection of her ‘PLAY’ series as a set of 36 minis for £38.


Where can I find them?


Amy Gemmell Design is on Instagram at @amygemmelldesign and her work can be bought on her website or via Etsy

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