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Amy Hiley: UK printmakers, Independent makers, Independent crafts, UK Makers

Amy Hiley

Who is Amy Hiley?


Amy Hiley is a print maker from North Tyneside


What do they make?


Amy makes prints that she describes as ‘art for thinking people’. A full-time mum, her prints often explore the ideas of motherhood, but she is also interested in the idea of consciousness and has sections of her shop for philosophical prints and psychological prints. She prints mainly in black, white, gold and silver.


How much does it cost?


Amy’s prints sell for £40 and £50. She also sells some hand drawn illustrations for around £75. If you really love her work, Amy also sells some prints in sets of two or three for a reduced bundle prince.


Where can I find them?


Amy is on Instagram at and her portfolio and shop can be found at



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