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Amy Ridyard: UK independent jewellers, Independent makers, Independent crafts, UK Makers

Amy Ridyard

Who is Amy Ridyard?


Amy is a jewellery maker from Warrington.


What do they make?


Amy makes jewellery, mainly in sterling silver and with gemstones such as onyx, garnet and topaz. She makes silver necklaces of acorns made from a hardwood called padauk with a silver or brass oak leaf. Amy also reworks found items such as antique coins into rings.


How much does it cost?


Amy’s work varies in price depending on the materials used, and she often works on commission. A chunky garnet and sterling silver ring from her sold for £255. Her acorn necklaces cost between £120-£170.


Where can I find them?


Amy can be found on Instagram at @amy_ridyard_jewellery. Her website is currently under construction, so contact her via Instagram to purchase any of her work.


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