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Another Realm: UK pottery makers, Independent makers, Independent crafts, UK Makers

Another Realm

Who is Another Realm?


Another Realm is the work of Sasha Spyrou from Liverpool, who uses her work to explore the ‘otherworldly place’ in her brain.


What do they make?


Sasha likes to draw creepy characters and make things inspired by her love of witchy crafts, horror, supernatural and folklore. She makes lasercut earrings of snakes and ghost tampons, and bat necklaces from acrylic. She also sells mugs and coasters, and has a zine about the Everyday Strange.


How much does it cost?


Sasha’s jewellery costs between £8-£16, and her coasters cost £4 and her mugs cost £9. She also sells cards for £3.


Where can I find them?


Another Realm is on Instagram at @anotherrrealm (note the 3 Rs!) and you can buy from them on Etsy

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