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Audrey + George

Audrey + George

Who is Audrey + George?


Audrey + George is the polymer clay jewellery brand of Rhiannon from Manchester.


What do they make?


Rhiannon sells earrings and hairclips in an array of shapes and patterns, with neutral and marbled patterns, square and circle shapes, as well as some featuring tassels. Her hairclips come in pairs with crocodile teeth fastenings. Rhiannon also created a series of earrings called the ‘Wiggle Collection’ with fellow Big Small UK member Jive Prints.


How much does it cost?


Hairclips cost £5 and earrings sell for between £10-£50


Where can I find them?


Rhiannon is on Instagram at @audreyplusgeorge and sells her work on her website

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