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Bobbi Rae: UK printmakers, Independent makers, Independent crafts, UK Makers

Bobbi Rae

Who is Bobbi Rae?


Bobbi Rae is an illustrator and designer from Leeds whose own Instagram bio describes herself as ‘a stream of consciousness in the form of a fart cloud.’


What do they make?


Bobbi makes prints, zine, pins, patches, pocket mirrors and more featuring sassy (and uncensored) creatures often with large eyes and blue or pink skin. For the truly dedicated, you can pick up a tattoo ticket on her website, allowing you to pay Bobbi for the use of one of her pre-existing designs as a tattoo.


How much does it cost?


Bobbi’s A5 prints start at £10 whilst her A3 prints sell for £25. If you’ve got a tight budget, she sells lots of items for under £10 including her patches and zines.


Where can I find them?           


Bobbi Rae is on Instagram at @bearcubs and her website is

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