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Who is CharKnots?


CharKnots is the work of sustainable macrame artist Charlotte from Sheffield.


What do they make?


Charlotte makes macrame planters, wall hangings and table mats, including boob wall hangings. She also makes bags, dog collars and earrings in warm tones of teal, mustard and pink.


How much does it cost?


Bags cost between £26-£39.50. Dog leads and collars cost between £18-£28, or a set of both can be bought for between £38-£42. Earrings cost between £12-£14. Plant hangers cost between £18-£28. Wall hangings cost between £18-£32, or a personalised one for £28.


Where can I find them?


CharKnots is on Instagram at @charknots and can be bought from her website

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