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Ear Candy Handmade UK

Ear Candy Handmade UK

Who is Ear Candy Handmade?


Ear Candy Handmade is the polymer clay earrings from of Ellie from Swansea.


What do they make?


Ellie makes polymer clay earrings in a range of designs, including studs and dangly earrings in the shape of hearts, stars, flowers and rainbows in a range of colours. All her earrings are made to order and come in eco-friendly packaging.


How much does it cost?


Her earrings range from £7.50 for a pair of studs, to £30 for her larger and more detailed dangly earrings. Ellie also takes custom orders.


Where can I find them?


Ellie is on Instagram at @earcandyhandmadeuk and you can buy her earrings on Etsy at

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