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Eve Leefe Designs

Eve Leefe Designs

Who is Eve Leefe Designs?


Eve Leefe is a designer and printmaker from Tunbridge Wells.


What do they make?


Eve makes colourful and eco-friendly accessories including scrunchies, sleep masks and cosmetic bags. Eve also sells notebooks and greetings cards in either animal or botanical patterns. She uses lots of foxglove, giraffe, cheetah and lemon patterns. Eve also sells prints and has a market series featuring market stalls of fruits and vegetables.


How much does it cost?


Eve’s cosmetic bags cost £14.50-£16.50, her sleep masks cost £16.99 and her scrunchies cost £6.50. Packs of her cards cost £8.25-£8.99 and her prints range from £7.50-£13.


Where can I find them?


Eve is on Instagram at @eveleefedesigns and sells her work on Etsy

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