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Gail Myerscough Design

Gail Myerscough Design

Who is Gail Myerscough?


Gail Myerscough is a pattern designer and illustrator from Manchester.


What do they make?


Gail makes cards, prints, cushions, mugs and bags in her own mid-century style designs, including cassette players, sewing machines, polaroid cameras. Some of her prints, such as her typewriter print, can have personalised text added.


How much does it cost?


Prints cost £12-£16 for an A4 print or £20-£25 for an A3. Cards cost £2.50. Mugs cost £12.50. Bags cost £30. Cushions cost £40-£50.


Where can I find them?


Gail is on Instagram at @gailmyerscoughdesign and you can buy her work from her website



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