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Hannah Nunn

Hannah Nunn

Who is Hannah Nunn?


Hannah Nunn is a paper artist from Hebden Bridge who is inspired by nature.


What do they make?


Hannah makes lamps of all sorts including floor lamps, table lamps, wall lamps and candle covers, where she cuts out her designs allowing the light to shine through the gaps. Her lamps feature meadow scenes, hedgerows, birds, and individual flowers such as daisies and harebells. She also makes paper decorations including paper bouquets and hanging ornaments such as sycamore seeds and acorns.


How much does it cost?


Prices for Hannah’s work depend on size. Table and wall lamps cost £75-£95. Floor lamps cost £180-£320. Candle covers cost £24. Her bouquets cost £22-£124, and her paper decorations cost £5-£35.


Where can I find them?


Hannah in on Instagram at @hannahnunnstudio and you can buy her work on her website


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