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Hattie Clark

Hattie Clark

Who is Hattie Clark?


Hattie is a Leeds-based illustrator and designer.


What do they make?


Hattie makes illustrations of happy people and creatures, often nudes and with wibbly legs. She sells prints and cards, as well as tops and sweatshirts featuring her ‘best buds’ flowers or her embroidered snake design. Hattie’s work is joyful and bright and perfect for all ages.


How much does it cost?


Hattie’s prints cost between £10-£30, and her cards cost £2.75. T shirts cost £15-£20 whilst sweatshirts cost £35. Hattie also sells badges for £5-£6.


Where can I find them?


Hattie is on Instagram at @hattieclark and her work can be bought on her website

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