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Hudakay Ceramics

Hudakay Ceramics

Who is Hudakay Ceramics?


Hudakay ceramics is a ceramics company of Beth from Yorkshire. Hudakay is the phonetic spelling of Beth’s French surname.


What do they make?


Beth makes characterful ceramics featuring faces and nudes. She sells soap dishes, planters, bowls and vases of cheeky people, often with brightly coloured noses. Beth also takes commissions which have previously included eggcups and butter dishes.


How much does it cost?


The ceramics start at £30 for a soap dish and go up to £70 for a vase. They are often made to order so keep your eyes peeled for when Beth opens her shop!


Where can I find them?


Hudakay Ceramics is on Instagram at @hudakayceramics and her website is

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