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It's Balderston

It's Balderston

Who is It’s Balderston?


It’s Balderston is the work of illustrator and homeware designer Amy Balderston from Otley, Yorkshire.


What do they make?


Amy sells a whole host of items: chopping boards, tea towels, tote bags, cards, prints, mugs and more! She sells chopping boards with laser etched designs inspired coffee pals and a furious vegetable army. Her work also features garden birds, jolly leaf pals and hostile houseplants.


How much does it cost?


Amy’s tea towels and prints cost £10. Her chopping boards cost between £10-£25. Her cards cost £2.50, and her tote bags and mugs £12.


Where can I find them?


Amy is on Instagram at @itsbalderston and her work is available on Etsy at




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