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Judy Musselle: UK Printmakers, UK pottery makers, Independent makers, Independent crafts, UK Makers

Judy Musselle

Who is Judy Musselle?


Judy is an artist from Southport whose work is inspired by fairy tales and dreams.


What do they make?


Judy paints in acrylics and sells her work as limited edition giclee prints. Her work is magic realist and features larger-than-life animals, mermaids and women with antlers. Judy also sells brooches of animals such as foxes and pigs, and sculptures of women with reindeer antlers or goat horns.


How much does it cost?


Judy’s prints range from £35-£80. Her brooches cost £17 and her sculptures cost £45.


Where can I find them?


Judy is on Instagram at @judy_musselle_art and sells her work on Folksy and Etsy

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