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KiJo Jewellery

KiJo Jewellery

Who is KiJo Jewellery?


KiJo Jewellery is the accessories brand of Kim from Northumberland.


What do they make?


Kim makes earrings, ear cuffs, bracelets, necklaces, and, more notably, hair accessories. Kim’s hair accessories work is her most extensive and features hair pins and bun holders. Kim’s work is sleek and minimal, coming in silver, gold or copper with simple geometric designs.


How much does it cost?


Hair accessories cost between £14.50-£22.50. The rest of Kim’s jewellery costs between £7.50 for a small ear cuff, to £44.50 for a large, detailed necklace.


Where can I find them?


Kim is on Instagram at @kijojewellery and her work is available to buy on Etsy at

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