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Lotta Blobs: UK pottery makers, Independent makers, Independent crafts, UK Makers

Lotta Blobs

Who is Lotta Blobs?


Lotta Blobs is the work of graphic designer Shantelle from London.


What do they make?


Shantelle makes mirrors featuring her statement ‘blobs’ – different coloured wiggles around shatterproof rectangular mirrors. She releases batches of mirrors every few weeks so keep an eye on her Instagram for her latest drop!


How much does it cost?


Shantelle’s mini blobs cost £25, her standard blobs cost £35 and her big blobs cost £55. Shantelle sometimes sells her mini in bundles of four for £90.


Where can I find them?


Shantelle is on Instagram at @lottablobs and sells her work on her website

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