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Rosie McAndrew

Rosie McAndrew

Who is Rosie McAndrew?


Rosie McAndrew is an illustrator from Bradford.


What do they make?


Rosie illustrates posters, zines and more inspired by pop cultures, including Twin Peaks and music icons through history from Johnny Cash to Beyonce. Rosie also sells her unique ‘movers and shakers’: cards featuring her music icons with movable arms.


How much does it cost?


Rosie’s movers and shakers cost £3.50. Her posters cost £8 for A4 or £13 for A3, and between £4-£13 for her zines. She also sells lino prints for between £5-£10.


Where can I find them?


Rosie is on Instagram at @rosiemcandrew and her work is on Etsy at

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