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Rune Creative: UK printmakers, Independent makers, Independent crafts, UK Makers

Rune Creative

Who is Rune Creative?


Rune Creative is the work of Pip Claffey, a freelance illustrator and print maker from the North West of England.


What do they make?


Pip sells prints, cards, badges and more. Much of Pip’s work has a cycling theme, including cycling caps, and t shirts with slogans such as Slow Patrol and Ride Like a Girl.  Pip also sells custom illustrations of people with their bikes.


How much does it cost?


Pip’s work costs between £1-£60. Wrapping paper, stickers and cards cost between £1-£3.50, prints cost between £5-£25, t-shirts £12, cycling caps cost £16.50, hoodies £25 and their custom illustrations cost between £40-£60.


Where can I find them?


Pip is on Instagram at @pip_illustrates and sells their work via Etsy

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