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Sam Marshall Art

Sam Marshall Art

Who is Sam Marshall?


Sam Marshall is a printmaker from rural Northamptonshire, who is inspired by nature both real and imaginary.


What do they make?


Sam makes linocuts of animals and landscapes, including pigeons, llamas, and country cottages. She has also created a Japan series. Her work comes in black and white, as well as block colour pieces. She also sells five colour reliefs.


How much does it cost?


Sam’s work sells for £50 on average. Individual postcards cost 80p but a set of eight can be bought for £6. Cards cost £3. Her prints range from £35-£120. You can buy individual prints from her Japan series for £50, or you can purchase all 15 prints for £650.


Where can I find them?


Sam is on Instagram at @sammarshallart and you can buy her work from her website

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