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Sarah Drew Jewellery

Sarah Drew Jewellery

Who is Sarah Drew Jewellery?


Sarah Drew is a jeweller from Cornwall.


What do they make?


Sarah makes jewellery from recycled materials and found objects, such as sea plastic, glass and driftwood, alongside semi-precious stones and eco-silver. She makes knotted necklaces made from t-shirts. Sarah uses sea glass to make rings and earrings and harnesses their organic shapes in her designs. She has signature practises including hammering metals, drilling holes to create ‘eroded’ pieces and others featuring ‘ghost net’, where she threads colours through these drilled holes.


How much does it cost?


Sarah’s jewellery costs between £12-£320.


Where can I find them?


Sarah is on Instagram at @sarahdrewjewellery and sells her work on her website

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