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Scotty Gillespie

Scotty Gillespie

Who is Scotty Gillespie?


Scotty is an illustrator and ceramicist from South West England, whose work is bright and playful and celebrates inclusivity.


What do they make?


Scotty makes prints, stickers and ceramics including vases. They’ve also made a cap featuring cute creatures with the motto ‘Keep Moovin’.


How much does it cost?


A vase from Scotty costs £25 and their caps cost £20. They sell cards for £2.50 for one card or £6 for a set of three, single stickers for £1, sticker sheets for £4.50, and their prints cost £10.


Where can I find them?


Scotty is on Instagram at @scotty.gillespie and their work can be bought on their website

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