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Sian Ellis

Sian Ellis

Who is Sian Ellis?


Sian is an illustrator and mural artist from Sheffield. 


What do they make?


Sian makes prints, earrings and pins inspired by spooky characters and Yorkshire. She sells multiple prints featuring ghosts in haunting black and white or cheery rainbow colours. Her ghosts float around haunted houses, costume shops and The Shambles.

How much does it cost?


Sian’s earrings cost between £8.50-£13.50, her pins cost between £5.50-£8 and her prints cost between £2-£35. Sian also sells custom pet and house portraits, either regular or haunted for between £39-£69.


Where can I find them?


Sian can be found on Instagram at @sianellisartist or @thisissianellis. Her work is available on Etsy at

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