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Small Stories Scotland

Small Stories Scotland

Who is Small Stories Scotland?


Small Stories Scotland is the work of Gabrielle Reith.


What do they make?


Gabrielle creates wooden hand painted jewellery and decorations, plus screen printed tea towels and apparel. Her apparel features a fishman print. Her brooches feature people’s faces merged with flowers. She also creates wooden snow globe decorations featuring Scottish places.


How much does it cost?


Tea towels cost £12. Her apparel costs £10 for a baby’s t shirt, £16 for a kid’s baseball tee, £22 for an adult t shirt, £26 for an adult baseball tee, and £45 for a sweat shirt. Her brooches cost £16. Her snow globe decorations cost £8.50. Cards cost £3.


Where can I find them?


Gabrielle is on Instagram at @small_stories_scotland and you can buy her work at

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